Cream of tomato soup recipe with Beko #EatLikeAPro

There’s been a lot of confusion this year over whether it is autumn or winter. Having had several frosty mornings, I’m going to call it. Winter is here and that means many things, including the need to eat more soup.

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My homemade cream of tomato soup, created using a Beko soup maker.

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Screen time, diet and their impact on a child’s behaviour #EatLikeAPro

I’ve long been an advocate of limiting the amount of screen time children have. I accept screen time is a fact of life, but I want it balanced and to my children are undertaking physical activities, ideally outside, in addition to spending sensible amounts of time with screens. I also think too much screen time can have a negative impact on children’s behaviour and the results of a survey from kitchen appliance manufacture Beko provides further evidence this is correct.

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A new survey from Beko suggests excessive screen time and a poor diet have a negative impact on children’s behaviour. Quelle surprise, I say.

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#EatLikeAPro with the Beko Vacuum Blender

Every morning, Mrs Adams and I start the day with a smoothie made of fresh fruit. Occasionally we’ll also through in some frozen fruit or ice cubes, but the aim is always to start the day with a highly nutritious drink that tastes great. Could we improve our smoothies using the new to-the-market Beko Vacuum Blender? Well, we certainly gave it a try.

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Making friends with the Beko Vacuum Blender.

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Breaking my kids’ healthy eating rules in the heatwave

I’ve been doing the school run for several years. Dealing with my offspring at the end of the school day in this heatwave, however, is an entirely new experience. My kids are stumbling out of the classroom so hot and bothered that I am regularly breaking one of my own healthy-eating rules to cool them down.

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The iced lolly: Axis of Evil or an acceptable way to cool down school kids in this heatwave?

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Dealing with the ‘post school slump’

After years of doing the school run, I have identified a new phenomenon. I call it the ‘post school slump’ and I’m wondering if this is something other mums and dads face too?

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The post school slump: Get me out of here and take me to the park. Don’t speak to me on the way, but feel free to buy me an ice cream.

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