Could Gymfinity Kids impress this fully-fledged gymnastics dad?

I had no interest in gymnastics until two years ago. Sure, I took my kids to a gymnastics club, but parents were not allowed to watch the sessions, so I had no idea what my kids were up to. It looked nice, but it was simply another sport I was vaguely aware of.

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Helen takes to the bars at Gymfinity Kids in Farnborough, watched over by coach Hayley.

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Tennis For Kids: It’s back for 2017!

During the Easter holidays, I found myself in a slightly embarrassing position. I was at the Lawn Tennis Association’s headquarters in London with Helen, my eldest daughter.

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Helen and Annabel Croft take a break during the filing of the Lawn Tennis Association’s #TennisForKids campaign video.

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On a health kick with Robinsons

I am on a bit of a health kick at the moment. Part of this health kick has involved taking steps to ensure I drink more water.

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We’ve been getting to grips with the Robinsons range of drinks to see if it encouraged us to drink more water. See how we got on.

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Robinsons Fruit Drop: Helping the family to drink more water

Do you drink enough fluids? Perhaps more importantly, do you go out of your way to ensure your children drink enough?

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Izzy inspects our first ‘Fruit Drop’ delivery from Robinsons.

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Daddy is a sk8er boi

The other day I was buying some Christmas gifts in a major toy store. It was about eight at night, as I generally prefer to avoid the hoards.

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I saw a skateboard on the shelf and simply had to buy it. Like the guy in the picture, I may be old enough to know better, but I simply don’t care. Pic credit: Leigh Nelson.

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