Improved home security with Philips Hue lighting

A short while ago we experienced an attempted break-in. Luckily it was foiled by our secure back doors, but I think part of the reason our house looked so tempting was because we had no working security lights. With winter getting ever closer, and the nights getting longer, I have looked at the Philips Hue lighting system to see how it could help make our home more secure.

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The Philips Hue lighting system. Could it help improve your home security?

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We mustn’t overlook the lights in our new house

We had such a glorious summer that the shorter days have come as something of a surprise to me. For the first time in months I’ve found myself switching on lights before 8pm.


For the first time in ages, I am switching on the lights before 8pm and it’s making me appreciate we need to improve the lighting around our home.

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Using a Patlock to improve home security

If you are a regular reader of Dadbloguk, you’ll know we recently moved house. When moving into our new place, I saw an opportunity to improve our home security.

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The Patlock, a very simple way to improve your home security if you have French doors.

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Reviewed: the EverBrite solar powered security light

As I revealed a few weeks ago, we recently had a horrible experience when someone tried to get into our house while we were all asleep inside. I went to town the next day putting a number of extra security measures in place.

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Introducing the EverBrite solar powered security light from JML Direct.

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The Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool. A quality tool for the DIY enthusiast

Here’s a little question for you. What does the Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool have in common with a bridge?

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The Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool. Ideal for the DIY enthusiast who wants a really high quality item.

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