Hero Dad: The importance of having life insurance

Some time ago I had a meeting with a financial adviser. At the time I didn’t have life insurance and hadn’t had any in place for quite some time. I knew this was a wrong that needed correcting and after making a few calculations, the financial adviser put forward a very strong argument for getting a policy in place as soon as possible.

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Life insurance: A selfless gift you can give your family.

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Once a parent, forever a parent

A few years ago, my mother told me she worries about my brothers and I more now we’re adults than she did when we were kids. As adults, the money troubles, relationship troubles and issues with our own children trump any concerns she had for us when we were youngsters and her concerns prove that once a parent, you are forever a parent.

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Izzy and I build a tower out of coins. It’s a creative way to get her thinking about money and saving for the future.

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Moving house; it’s better done together

Moving house as a family is never easy. I think my most memorable house move was to our present family home after which I vowed never to move again.

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I don’t ever recall the house moving process making me this happy, but having home insurance cover in place will reduce the stress. Pic credit below.

Why was it such a big deal? It wasn’t so much the move itself, but the fact it was the third house move in 18 months. During that period, our eldest daughter, Helen, was also born. As you can appreciate, it was a hectic time to say the least.

There are a few tips I would give anyone moving house. Firstly, ensure that you have appropriate insurance in place.

When we took possession of our new family home, we were living in a rented house a short distance away. We ensured there was an overlap so we could get some building and decoration work done. If you have children and can afford to rent one house while preparing the new one, do it. This was probably the best decision we made as it saved us a lot of stress.

Our rented home was insured. Even so, there was, I seem to recall, a brief period when we didn’t have home insurance for our new property. This situation was far from ideal when the house was obviously vacant.

While there wasn’t much inside to steal, it would have created an awful lot of hassle. If the property had caught fire or been struck by lightning, well, goodness knows how we’d have paid for repairs.

The other piece of advice I have when moving is to mark every single box very clearly. Several boxes got put to one side in our garage and they were left, unopened. They stayed there for years until I hired a skip towards the end of 2015. I had a cursory glance through them and then, bam, into the skip they went!

Believe it or not, we didn’t find moving with our daughter too problematic. My mother was able to come and keep her entertained for a day and this helped enormously. If you can call on friends or neighbours for support, it’ll make things go more smoothly.

The thought of moving house now makes me want to lie down. This is because we have two children, one of them at school. Having a larger family with different needs would make it much more difficult.

Although I like to live frugally, there’s also no doubting we have more possessions because of the diverse needs of the family. This makes home insurance all the more important.

If you need home insurance cover, today could be your lucky day. Below is a Shortstack Giveaway. One lucky reader will win one year’s worth of cover from Together Mutual. Terms and conditions can be found below and you must enter by 30th July Very best of luck to all who take part!

Pic credit: Meathead Movers.

Disclsoure; this post was produced in association with Together Mutual.

Stay at home mums and dads need life insurance too

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Stay at home mums and dads need life insurance too. Pic credit below.

Here’s another fantastic guest post from Julie Hutchison of Standard Life’s moneyplusblog. This time Julie tackles the thorny issue of stay at home parents and life insurance. It rasies a very important question; what exactly would happen if the kids’ main carer were to pass away uninsured? How would the partner left behind continue to make the household run

It’s nice when things are taken care of for you, isn’t it?

When you’re employed, your employer may offer a benefits package which has some features to help your loved ones. A so-called ‘death-in-service’ lump sum payment may be a key financial benefit in the background, which pays out a figure calculated as a multiple of your salary eg. four times. View Post

Review; Nest Protect; Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm

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The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

This product arrived just at the right moment. Not only was I in the midst of renewing our house insurance and ticking boxes about smoke alarms, but the plug on our dishwasher almost caused a housefire when it melted and fell out the wall about 20 minutes after I had installed this device. I honestly couldn’t have made that last bit up, the timing was unreal. View Post