Playing with lighting and a fast shutter speed

There are two elements of photography I have rarely experimented with: Lighting and a fast shutter speed. This week I combined the two to take this image of coloured water splashing out of a glass. By my own admission, it is a little rough and ready, but I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt.

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A syringe filled with blue food colouring is fired into a Champagne flute full of water. Taking this image was only possible using a fast shutter speed.

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Raising girls my way, and hoping I’m doing the right thing

Living with a wife and two daughters, I am the only man in our household. Not that you needed telling this, the mathematics really isn’t too difficult.

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No this isn’t my daughter, but the hairdresser’s mannequin we bought to make up for my ineptitude at styling hair.

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Headphones for parents: Introducing the August EP650CB & EP750B

If there’s one thing I think is worth investing in, it’s a decent set of headphones. As a father, I thoroughly recommend the noise cancelling variety as there are times when it’s necessary to flick that switch and cut out the din of family life.

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On the left the August EP750B headphones and to the right, the EP650CB.

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