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Days out and travel

Memories of family holidays

The year is 2021. The summer holidays are approaching and by the looks of it, there’s going to be no room at the inn. Instead of booking family holidays overseas, everyone’s booking Air BnB’s and campsites with a passionate fury.

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Reflections by Will Yates-Johnson

Have you ever attempted to take a photograph of a mirror? I’ve attempted it many a time but it is incredibly difficult to pull off. Taking an image of lots of mirrors at once, well that presents an even bigger challenge!

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Parent Ping, dads chatting

Dads: Have your voice heard with Parent Ping #AD

According to Parent Ping, there are some interesting differences between mums and dads. Dads are generally more relaxed about behaviour but think youngsters’ behaviour was better when they themselves were kids. While there’s a general trend for all families to have enjoyed spending more time with each other during lockdown, this was most prominently reported

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woodland landscape with bluebells

Woodland landscape (with bluebells!)

Woodland landscape (with bluebells!) “That picture could go an Easter card.” So said Mrs Adams when she looked over my shoulder as I was editing this image of a typical spring, woodland landscape.

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COVID 0, Vaccine 1: Adjusting to a post-Lockdown world

The nurse, Doreen, pushed the needle into my arm. I felt the mildest of pin pricks. A colleague of Doreen’s had been attempting to keep me chatting. I guessed this was a good cop / bad cop thing: Doreen was the bad cop administering the vaccine while her colleague kept me talking to distract me,

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