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Home cooking, the HelloFresh way

On the run up to the summer holidays, I was very aware that our diet had become very unimaginative. Mrs Adams and I would eat the same dishes in rotation, as would the kids.

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When history repeats itself. . .

It’s happened again hasn’t it? History has repeated itself and my family has found itself buying items that don’t fit in the family home. Regular readers will be aware of the saga of the trampoline. This was an act of stupidity on my behalf a few months ago when I bought a garden trampoline from

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Catering equipment; Three kitchen upgrades you need this year

A guest post from W.V. Howe Catering Equipment about kitchen equipment you may want to consider getting for your family home. Having just refurbished our kitchen, I have to admit the coffee machine is top of my list!  DO leave a comment at the end outlining what you would like for your kitchen.  At the

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Our new kitchen, week three; massive progress

The past week has seen some rapid progress in our kitchen. No longer is it an empty shell of a room, it now features a hob and oven, functional sink and some of the units are in place. There’s a lot to do, but things are taking shape and the end is in sight. This

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