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What’s the difference between Eau de Cologne and aftershave?

Gazing in the shop at an array of peculiarly diverse bottles all containing different scents and male grooming products can be pretty confusing, and many men grab the first familiar bottle they see to try the scent and if they’re lucky, find the right one for them. However, there’s a lot more to choosing a

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BRYT For Him skincare range

Regular readers may have noticed I’ve recently written quite a few blog posts and recorded vlogs about male grooming and skincare products. I’m having great fun testing all manner of products and establishing whether they live up to the claims made about them. The latest family of products I’ve been testing is the BRYT for

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Summer skincare and grooming vlog No2

Following on from my recent summer skincare for men vlog, I was offered the chance to review a few other products designed for use at this time of year. I couldn’t resist doing a vlog of this latest haul.

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Growing and maintaining a beard vlog Pt2

I promised you I’d do another vlog and blog about growing a beard. Here it is! This time things are a bit different. First time around I had 26 days of untamed beard growth on my face. This time I trimmed it to a regulation 5mm all across my face.

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Summer skincare for men

It’s no secret I am big on grooming, moisturiser and men’s skincare. Some men aren’t…but I am! As the sun’s come out, I’ve found myself spending hours each day outside with the kids and my skincare regime has totally changed as a result. I’m using moisturisers with SPF, moisturising body washes, body lotion and other

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