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Men’s style; Wet Shave Club review

The Wet Shave Club is a monthly subscription service that provides shaving gear to the man interested in “fine shaving”. In return for your fee, you will receive some very distinctive shaving paraphernalia. Everything arrives in a well packaged and presented carton. The first box will always contain a safety razor, razor blades, shaving brush

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Men’s style; LAB Series skincare

  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying out a couple of products from the LAB Series skincare range. One was a moisturiser the other, in deference to the weather, was a lip balm. Here’s how I got on.

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Men’s style; Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer

The Hydro 5 Groomer is a new product from Wilkinson Sword. It is far more than just a razor. It has been designed to trim stubble, shave stubble, edge facial hair styles and sideburns and also hydrate the skin. It promises a lot. How does it actually perform?

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Men’s style; Rock Face 4 Men toiletries

A little while ago I tried and tested Rock Face shave butter. It was a positive experience so I was delighted to be asked to try out a number of other items from it’s range of men’s toiletries and grooming products. Here’s what I thought of them.

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