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Giveaway; shaving lotion and men’s moisturiser

Regular readers will be aware that I recently shaved off my stubble so that I could experiment with a range of different shaving products. It was an interesting couple of weeks because; a) nobody commented on it, not even my wife and b) I developed a strange habit and kept stroking my face because it

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Review; Shaving creams, lotions and potions

Under normal circumstances, I have a regulation 1mm of stubble on my face. It’s been this way since child number two arrived back in 2012. At first this lax shaving regime was down to laziness but my wife very quickly grew to like it and so it stayed. Finding myself with several different shaving creams

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Review; Braun CoolTec CT2s #FathersDayDreams

As part of Braun’s #FathersDayDreams campaign, I’ve been given the challenge of reviewing a Braun CoolTec CT2s shaver. I’ll come on to say some more about the campaign in a moment, but first of all, I shall get on with the business of reviewing the CoolTec.

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