Meet the dads who left employment to improve their work life balance

This is a public service announcement. I want to let you know about a new series I am about to launch on Dadbloguk  looking at work life balance.

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Expect a series of posts on Dadbloguk looking at dads who have left the workforce and set up on their own because they couldn’t balance work and family life.

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Representation of men, masculinity and fathers in the media.

Just the other day I was given the opportunity to try and answer an impossible question. The question was thus: Just how are men and masculinity represented in the media and how does this reinforce stereotypes or, indeed, reflect positively on men.

Being A Man festival, Southbank Centre, Mahtab Hussain, Clive Mason, Neil Stanhope, Chris Hemmings, Cliff Joannou

A deaf person’s advocate, gay magazine editor, Multicultural artist, business owner, blogger and author turn up in a ballroom to discuss the representation of masculinity in the media. Read on to see what happened. Pic credit: Ifan Llewelyn.

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When Helen recognised gender inequality for the first time

“It’s not fair daddy,” said Helen. “Only two girls got to join and the other 12 are boys.”

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Helen complains about gender inequality for the first time. Handling it has led me to question my approach to certain aspects of parenting.

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My experiences of the Early Years

As my kids get older, I am beginning to see first-hand just how important it is for a father to be heavily involved with his kids from the day they’re born. I feel like I have reached a point where I can look over my shoulder at my experiences of the Early Years system and think: “Yeah, it’s more important than I ever appreciated.”, dadbloguk, early years, early years foundation stage, school, schooling, growing up, child development

Helen and I do some painting shortly after her third birthday. We’ve moved on from these early years as a family.

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Great things ahead for the APPG on Fatherhood?

The LCD monitor on the wall read “Prayers are over. Lord Speaker on the wool sack.”

APPGF, David Lammy, All Party Parliamentary Group on Fatherhood, Dadbloguk,

David Lammy, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on fatherhood and I meet at an earlier gathering of the APPGF.

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