Christmas gifts from Samuel Windsor

Just the other day, I had to get ready for a formal event in Central London. An unavoidable last-minute outfit change meant I was scrabbling around for a tie and handkerchiefs. Had I opened a Christmas gift-package that had just arrived from men’s clothing retailer Samuel Windsor, I’d have found both items inside.

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Shoes, handkerchiefs and a tie. Just some of the items available from Samuel Windsor in the run up to Christmas.

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#DaddyCool goes shopping at the Bentall Cenre

In this increasingly wired world we live in, it can be easy to forget physical shops actually exist. Like most people I regularly shop online.

Bentall Centre, Father's Day, #DaddyCool

Checking out the merchandise while shopping at the Bentall Centre.

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Looking stylish in ES Workwear

I make no secret of the fact that I am well into my clothes and male grooming. I would never judge anyone, but I sometimes come across dads who give little thought to their appearance or, worse still, simply get their other half to do all their clothes shopping.

ES Workwear, ES clothing

Next time I used my angle grinder, I hope to look this stylish.

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