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What I’ve been wearing; Protest boardwear

The atypical British summer has seen me getting very adventurous with my clothes. I’ve been out buying and wearing items with considerably more colour than I’d ever usually consider. This is where Dutch boardwear specialist Protest comes in.

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Men’s style; Head to toe in Celio*

  The other day I was having a late night internet session. My wife had retired early and there were bits and pieces I wanted to do with the blog etc. Having finished all these tasks, I googlewhacked the name of a French clothes retailer I used to shop in called Celio (although the company

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Out of my comfort zone with an image consultant

In the latest of my style-focused blog posts, I put myself well and truly outside of my comfort zone. With no idea what to expect, I paid a visit to an image consultant. At first it seemed like I was going to have make-up smeared over my face, but you’ll have to read on to

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Review; Chatham classic deck shoes

I personally think the desk shoe is a timeless classic that can be worn by someone of any age. It’s smart / casual and very comfortable but also ideal if you have a young family like mine. You may be wondering why they’re so practical if you have young kids. Well, they’re great if you

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