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Review: The Bluebeard’s Revenge moisturiser for men

The Bluebeard’s Revenge Cooling Moisturiser It may seem a little odd for The Bluebeard’s Revenge to produce a moisturiser for men. This brand, after all, claims its extensive range of shaving products and men’s toiletries are not “for the bum fluff brigade”. As it states on the packaging, however, moisturising is a “more than acceptable

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Review; Bulldog skincare for men

Bulldog is probably one of the better known producers of skincare products for men. It’s products are widely available in high street stores such as Sainsbury’s and Superdrug and they’re not particularly demanding on the wallet. The company prides itself on using natural ingredients. As it says on the back of every tube and container;

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Review: Mooshead hair shaping dough and gritty styling clay

Moosehead is an Australian brand. It specialises in hair styling products but it also produces a face wash plus deodorant (although the deodorant is only available in the UK market). I was given the opportunity to test two of its hair care products; shaping dough and gritty styling clay. I hadn’t tested two such similar products at the same

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Changing bags for men

Shortly after the birth of our second daughter, my wife arrived home with a changing bag. I was somewhat taken about by her choice. She knew full-well I’d be the one looking after the baby and yet this thing wouldn’t have looked too out of place if it appeared in an episode of Sex and

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Men’s style from Dadbloguk.com

After a year of talking about it, I have finally got around to adding a men’s style section to the blog. I’ve ventured into this territory because I like my clothes, but since becoming a dad it’s an interest I’ve neglected. Over recent months I’ve given my wardrobe a major overhaul (…albeit on a budget

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