Hero Dad: The importance of having life insurance

Some time ago I had a meeting with a financial adviser. At the time I didn’t have life insurance and hadn’t had any in place for quite some time. I knew this was a wrong that needed correcting and after making a few calculations, the financial adviser put forward a very strong argument for getting a policy in place as soon as possible.

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Life insurance: A selfless gift you can give your family.

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Make a plan for 2018: New Year tips from National Debtline

The festive period is never a cheap time of year for any family. I’m sure we all know people who are struggling with debt. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with their finances, the following blog post may be of use. It is a guest post written by Dennis Hussey who is a money adviser at National Debtline. Dennis has over 12 years of experience in helping people deal with their debts and he offers some hints and tips if debt is a problem for your household.

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Debt doesn’t have to tear your family apart. Here is some advice from Dennis Hussey of National Debtline. Pic credit: Alice Pasqual on Unsplash.

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Orbis Access Kids’ Money Matters Report and Amazon voucher giveaway

I cannot be alone as a parent, despairing at my children’s approach to money. I am constantly bombarded with requests for “treats” and it is not unknown for my three-year-old to go fishing around in my pockets to find “moneys” as she calls coins.

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Orbis Access has just published a new report into children, money and attitudes to saving.

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Kept man or stay at home dad? You decide.

When I am quizzed about my life as a stay at home father, there’s a question I invariably face. The words may vary a little, but the question remains the same: “What’s it like being financially dependent on your wife?”

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Life as a stay at home dad (…or mum) is very, very rarely like this. Call me a kept man, and I will stare at you in disbelief.

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