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Goodbye nursery, you dear old friend…

    Like many children across the UK, my daughter will be starting school any day now and so has left nursery ready to make the leap into reception class. She’d been going to this nursery for three years and so knew all the staff and had made a number of friends. Bizarrely, the experience

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Thanks to all those that have helped me

It’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas. The present buying, the parties, the preparations for the kid’s Christmas show and so on make it a very busy time. It’s easy to forget this is a religious celebration with the concept of charity and gift-giving at its core. With this in mind, I thought

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Fathers must change the parenting world

This is an amended version of my most recent Huffington Post blog. My recent blog article for the Huffington Post outlined just how sexist the world of parenting can be and highlighted some of the barriers us fathers face.

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