Kids and tech: Why our sat-nav moos like a cow.

I looked at my phone. I simply didn’t recognise it. The icons were in completely different places. I immediately guessed what had happened; Helen, my nine year old daughter, had been playing with it.

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Check out the perplexed look on my face. Why is this sat-nav mooing like a cow?

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An introduction to Google Home

The other day I found myself in East London. It was a part of the city full of old warehouses that have been converted intro trendy flats.

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Behind this door, I received an introduction to the Google Home.

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Debate of the day: Do you do subtitles?

Some time ago, Mrs Adams and I sat down to watch the French-language film the Piano Teacher. She wasn’t really into films with subtitles at the time so this was very accommodating of her.

Marseille, Gerard Depardieu, Netflix, subtitles

A scene from Marseille, featuring Gerard Depardieu (right) as the city’s long-standing mayor. It’s one of the subtitled shows Mrs Adams and I have got into recently.

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Mixing snacks and Netflix

Every now and again, when watching a film or something else on television, hunger cannot be kept at bay. I’ve been set a challenge of finding appropriate snacks to mix with different films and shows that can be watched on Netflix. Here are some of the ideas I came up with.

popcorn., Netflix, healthy eating

Helen enjoying a little popcorn.

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Summer season on Netflix

With the summer holidays having begun, the morning regime has taken on a whole new form. Myself and the kids are taking it easy.

Netflix, Mia and Me, #StreamTeam

A scene from Mia and Me, a show that my kids have recently discovered on Netflix.

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