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fitter, healthier, dad in lockdown Q&A with Darren Kirby

There’s been a collective sigh of relief that the UK’s various Government’s have revealed their plans for relaxing lockdown. Even so, we’re at least four months away from getting back to the ‘new normal’ and in the meantime we need to keep fit without the benefit of gyms, sports clubs, leisure centres and so on.

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Introducing new foods to a fussy eater

You know when someone gives you advice that you ignore, only for it to turn out to be brilliant? Well, this happened to me the other day while introducing Elizabeth, our three-year-old, to some new vegetables. Our kids are very good at eating fruit. Veg, however, can sometimes be a struggle. I wanted to see

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A policy u-turn about school dinners

A few months ago I wrote this blog post about school dinners v packed lunches. It was, essentially, my personal manifesto as to why I believed that packed lunches were the way forward. If I were a politician, I’d have to concede that I’ve made a policy u-turn. I take it all back, I’m a

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Feeding the family with a slow cooker

Over the past few months I’ve been taking steps to improve this family’s diet. Mrs Adams and I start each day with a freshly made fruit drink and sometimes the children join us in having some. I’ve started getting more creative with Helen’s lunchbox and made her meals more diverse. Something I’d always been keen

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