Ice photography tutorial

I’ve recently spent a lot of time focusing on the technical aspects of my photography. Very often, however, the subject matter is the crucial element of the image and that’s what I have concentrated on with this example of ice photography.

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A seasonal example of ice photography. The classic example is to photograph a flower frozen in ice, but I went for something a bit more festive.
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A Surrey landscape: Same photograph, four different edits

Earlier this week I travelled into London to attend the Internet Marketing Show. Unfortunately the early stage of my journey was beset with problems and I found myself unexpectedly stranded at a very rural train station surrounded by the glorious Surrey landscape with 30 minutes to kill until the next train.

Surrey landscape, Surrey, #mysundayphoto, farmland, farm land, dadbloguk,, dad blog uk, photographer, rural Surrey

What looked like a natural, tranquil landscape became very dramatic when converted to black and white.

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So much to look at in this spider’s web

Here’s a photography post with a bit of a difference. I recently went out and tried to photograph a spider’s web in the early morning dew and it proved to be a real challenge. I tried again this week, taking myself off for a walk in the Kent countryside on a grey, drizzly morning. I was convinced my walk was going to end in photographic failure, but I ended up getting this shot.

spider's web, spider web, drop of water, water, reflections, reflection, photography, photograph, #mysundayphoto, dadbloguk,, dad blog uk, school run dad, sahd, Kent

I took this picture just as a drop of water fell from a spider’s web. I find the whole image captivating.

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Red sky in the morning

Earlier this week I woke up at around 5am, as I usually do. I went to the kitchen to make coffee. I look out of the window and was presented with this beautiful sight in the sky. Talk about red sky in the morning, hey?

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Earlier this week I woke up and was presented with this beautiful sight out of the kitchen window.

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A note from the Queen

A little while ago, my eldest daughter Helen sent a letter to the Queen, wishing her a happy 90th birthday. Earlier this week, she was sent this card in response (Quick note: for anyone visiting following my win for Best UK Dad Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards, please come back tomorrow as I have a special post planned to mark the occasion!).

Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, royalty

The note Helen received from the Queen. Receiving this note made a young girl very happy indeed.

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