Learning through play with Photoshop!

The arrival of daffodils has to be the ultimate sign spring has arrived and I have been passing them in large numbers every day while on the school run. I had a few different ideas for photographing them but thought the close grouping of these flowers would give the chance to hone an editing skill that has long alluded me: Changing an object’s colour!

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My Photoshop experiment. If you saw daffodils like this at the side of the road, you would stop and take a closer look, wouldn’t you?
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Photography challenge: 30 minutes at home with no preparation

When Izzy, my youngest daughter, saw this photograph and declared; “It’s beautiful daddy,” I knew I’d taken an image that worked! Better still, it showed that a really simple photography challenge I’d set myself had worked and I’m going to share the idea with you.

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Having run out of time to go on a photo walk, I set myself a very simple 30 minute photography challenge. This striking image of an old rose was the result.
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Ice photography tutorial

I’ve recently spent a lot of time focusing on the technical aspects of my photography. Very often, however, the subject matter is the crucial element of the image and that’s what I have concentrated on with this example of ice photography.

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A seasonal example of ice photography. The classic example is to photograph a flower frozen in ice, but I went for something a bit more festive.
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Playing with lighting and a fast shutter speed

There are two elements of photography I have rarely experimented with: Lighting and a fast shutter speed. This week I combined the two to take this image of coloured water splashing out of a glass. By my own admission, it is a little rough and ready, but I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt.

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A syringe filled with blue food colouring is fired into a Champagne flute full of water. Taking this image was only possible using a fast shutter speed.

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A Surrey landscape: Same photograph, four different edits

Earlier this week I travelled into London to attend the Internet Marketing Show. Unfortunately the early stage of my journey was beset with problems and I found myself unexpectedly stranded at a very rural train station surrounded by the glorious Surrey landscape with 30 minutes to kill until the next train.

Surrey landscape, Surrey, #mysundayphoto, farmland, farm land, dadbloguk, dadbloguk.com, dad blog uk, photographer, rural Surrey

What looked like a natural, tranquil landscape became very dramatic when converted to black and white.

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