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A phrase I’d ban: “It gets easier”

It’s time for me to express an opinion that may not prove all that popular. You know when you have very young children and people tell you; “It gets easier”? Yeah, well, I’m not convinced. No, I’ll go further still. I think it’s a very misleading phrase.

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Where is the flexible childcare?

Just as my youngest daughter is leaving pre-school, I have realised something, something I should have noticed years ago. Namely, flexible childcare is very hard to arrange within the UK.

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Nursery and pre-school’s greatest hits

We’re into the summer holidays and every day that passes, Izzy gets closer to starting school and slowly but surely, she is disengaging from pre-school. We’ve already been through this with Helen, but now it’s the turn of her younger sister. I’ve been reminiscing about the many years my kids have spent attending nursery and

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Planning childcare over the summer break

With every day that passes, we’re getting better prepared for the moment Izzy starts school. Last week we bought the uniform and shoes, she’s had a settling in day and we’ve had a few conversations about what to expect. Despite these preparations, one or two unforeseen circumstances have arisen. One of these unforeseen circumstances: Planning

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