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Six Valentine’s day gifts for a pregnant wife or friend

Are you struggling to think of a suitable Valentine’s day gift for a pregnant wife, partner or friend? The post below comes from the team at The Portland Hospital and provides a few suggestions for anyone unsure what to buy for the mum to be.  It can be difficult to think of the perfect gift

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Nine positive things about parenting teenagers by Jo Middleton

When I considered starting a dad blog, I scanned the Internet, looking at all the parenting blogs in existence. One of the first I stumbled upon was Slummy Single Mummy, written by mum of two Jo Middleton. Jo’s witty writing style appealed to me greatly. I’ve followed her antics ever since and her stature as

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Male infertility; would you talk about it?

I can only think of one conversation I’ve had with a man experiencing fertility issues. It was a brief discussion. Considering the guy was a stereotypical, football-mad, successful, driven, hard drinking bloke, it was, nonetheless, an open conversation. A new survey into the subject of male infertility shows this chap was something of a rarity.

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Be an angel and give your partner the best possible healthcare

Be an Angel Day falls on 22 August each year, and it is the perfect opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life through a simple act of kindness. If you want to mark the occasion by putting your partner’s happiness before your own, giving her the gift of world class healthcare will definitely do

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Shared parental leave – are you eligible?

Some time ago I hosted a twitter Q&A session with Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson on the subject of shared parental leave. That was back in February 2013. It seems like a lifetime ago, indeed, Swinson herself has become a mother in the meantime. Thankfully the proposals were included in the Children and Families Act

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