Starting school: One year on, how family life has changed

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest recently, updating various boards. While doing so, I came across a blog post I wrote last October about the impact on my life of Izzy, our youngest daughter, starting school.

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The expectation of how life would change once Izzy was at school has turned out to be quite different from the reality

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Doing the rounds of school open days

Preparing to send your child to primary school is a massive milestone. Preparing to send your child to secondary school is not only a massive milestone, but utterly terrifying. What doesn’t help is the approach taken by some schools.

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Trying to decide which school might be best for your kids is hard enough. Some schools make it harder still.

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Organising Izzy’s birthday party. It’s a stressful situation.

I’m experiencing a new form of stress. It’s being caused by Izzy’s birthday party.

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Izzy celebrates her second birthday party with a few family members and some balloons. Compared to her fifth birthday party, it was all so much easier.

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Five things that have changed now both kids have started school

Izzy, our youngest daughter, has been at school for almost a month now. Her transition from pre-schooler to schoolgirl is complete.

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With both children at school, housework has become a bigger part of my life. it;s a bit annoying, truth be told. Pic credit: Kipras Štreimikis on Unsplash.

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