Orbis Access Kids’ Money Matters Report and Amazon voucher giveaway

I cannot be alone as a parent, despairing at my children’s approach to money. I am constantly bombarded with requests for “treats” and it is not unknown for my three-year-old to go fishing around in my pockets to find “moneys” as she calls coins.

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Orbis Access has just published a new report into children, money and attitudes to saving.

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Teaching children about money

The other day my daughter Helen came home from school with a note from her teacher. It explained that she had been using coins during a lesson to add up and subtract to certain sums of money. The note suggested we do a little further practice at home.

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The piggy bank may be old fashioned, but it’s not an entirely outdated concept.

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Giveaway! Win a copy of The Little Guide to Financial Admin

Saving money is difficult. This is a fact we’re all aware of. Having a family with young children does not make it any easier to put money aside.

Standard Life

These guys look so happy they’ve clearly kept their financial admin in order.

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The Standard Life guide to financial admin

This may not be the sexiest admission I’ve ever made, but I am passionate about pensions. I believe the importance of investing for your future cannot be overstated. New research from financial giant Standard Life, however, shows how poor many of us are when it comes to pension planning and financial administration.

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I wish my finances were as perfect as this family.

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Saving money with Aviva

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If only I had this much pocket money all the time.

Money is a touchy subject in this household at the moment. Regular readers of the blog will no doubt be aware that we’re in the final stages of having a new, family-friendly kitchen installed.

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