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The cost of family life

A dad I know  once gave me a fascinating insight into the true cost of family life. He was reeling off a list of items he was buying his teenage kids for Christmas.

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Our new kitchen, and a spectacular failure to plan for it

Many years ago, I was a cub scout. Here we are 30-ish years later and I have spectacularly failed to live by that famous moto; “be prepared.” In a few weeks, you see, we will be getting a new kitchen. The work to our family home will start in early December and go on right

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Childcare costs aren’t child’s play

For some of us, the kids have returned to school and a sense of normality has returned to the family home. For working parents, the costs of providing childcare during the break may also have left them with a large overdraft. In this guest post, Money Plus blogger Julie Hutchison turns her mind to childcare

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