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Eye Tests Save Lives

ukogssd in  Some of the worst motoring I witness is, for some reason, in environments where there are large numbers of children. The school run is a typical example. In fact dangerous parking almost seems to be obligatory. Yesterday I was taking my daughter to her gymnastics class. The inconsiderate motoring I saw was legendary

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A walk in the woods with Sprayway and Blacks

Autumn has arrived and winter, and dreadful weather, is not far behind. I’ve already had to tackle a couple of school runs in heavy rain and at some point I’ll inevitably have to do it in sleet and maybe even snow (while trying to keep two hyper-excited children under control). The linens and light cotton

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How a flat tyre can mess up the school run

n ed i If there’s one thing I’ve found that can turn the school run into a disaster, it’s a puncture. Yes, I know we’re all supposed to walk our kids to school. Indeed, a while ago I was an ambassador for the charity Sustrans and undertook a challenge to do just that.

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Hair bands; where on Earth do they all go?

As I was on the school run this morning I was able to tick off a list of “good parenting” attributes. My children were happy. They were in ironed, clean clothes and had just eaten a breakfast featuring the main food groups. Their teeth had been vigorously brushed and I was in the throes of

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What I wore on the school run #StreetStyleSunday

This is a little combination I wore on the school run the other day. It got me quite a few comments so thought I’d add to the Street Style Sunday (#StreetStyleSunday) linky. As it happens, with the exception of the trousers, each item I’m wearing has featured in style posts I’ve written in the past.

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