The residential school trip

Just before the kids broke up for the Christmas break, Mrs Adams and I received an email from Helen and Izzy’s school. It was a very simple message, but my heart has been aching ever since.

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Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off on a residential school trip my daughter goes.
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Doing the rounds of school open days

Preparing to send your child to primary school is a massive milestone. Preparing to send your child to secondary school is not only a massive milestone, but utterly terrifying. What doesn’t help is the approach taken by some schools.

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Trying to decide which school might be best for your kids is hard enough. Some schools make it harder still.

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The bittersweet taste of family life

A little under a year ago I wrote a candid blog post describing how I felt “emotionally confused” and “melancholy” because Izzy, our youngest daughter, was starting school. The confusion and melancholy have passed but, wow, what a year it has been as family life has changed so much for us.

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Family life can be bittersweet, as the past year has shown.

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Thinking of the teenage years: The dilemmas posed by moving house

We’ve entered a new phase in our quest to buy a new family home. Having accepted an offer from a buyer, moving house has become a step closer to reality. We now have to find somewhere to buy and this is where we’re facing a harsh reality.

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Our desire to move house has come a step closer. With it, however, comes a number of questions about where to move so that our kids will be happy in their teenage years.

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