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Flexi working & Shared Parental Leave

Why soft skills aren’t soft

There are many issues I have with workplace culture and the way parents are perceived and treated. There’s one particular aspect that’s been bothering me for a little while and it’s the phrase ‘soft skills.’ When a mum or a dad takes time out of the workplace to care for and raise children, they’re often

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Dads, work, kidmin and the impact of COVID-19

What is the truth about dads failing to do their fair share of childcare and household chores since the Coronavirus pandemic struck? I’ve seen a lot of reporting on this subject, much of it suggesting men have either been doing much less than women or, worse still, being furloughed and sitting around watching Netflix as

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How are mums & dads balancing work and family under lockdown?

Behind a shut door on the upper level of a family home, someone laughs while on a two-hour long Skype call with work colleagues. In the living room are two children playing a video game on an Xbox. Sat at a messy dining table in the corner of the room is the children’s other parent,

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