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I’d rather be watching Brazil

When I started blogging four years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. At first it was a hobby but since then it has become a bigger part of my life and provided me with a range of experiences. I am about to have another one of those experiences and break new ground by

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Shared Parental Leave; what the employees say

Shared parental leave is a subject I’ve written about many times in the past. Although the rules that were eventually introduced to update maternity and paternity leave fell short of what many hoped, it’s introduction was necessary. It was a big step in the right direction for creating better equality in the workplace and home.

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Social isolation; it’s a dad thing too

The other day I found myself at home on my own. It was a rare moment; these things don’t happen often. Helen was at school, Elizabeth was at pre-school and I was supposed to be in London for a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fatherhood. Alas, I had transport issues so had

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Shared parental leave…a policy in need of updating?

Shared parental leave has been in place since April 2015 and new research from the charity Working Families has found that only .5% to 2% of eligible fathers have thus far made use of it. This will come of little surprise to anyone familiar with the policy. Such low take-up figures prove beyond doubt that

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