Ottawa street scene

There’s something about North American street scenes that I find incredibly photogenic. This particular image was taken on my recent trip to Ottawa. With the grid formation of the streets and traffic lights running into the distance, it looks typically North American. With the snow and ice on the ground plus the bi-lingual signage, however, I think this scene is unmistakably Canadian!

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A street scene in Ottawa. At first glance it simply looks very North American but the snow, ice and bi-lingual street signs make this a very Canadian scene.
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When the Beast From the East thawed

What a week it has been. I have been very busy repeatedly zooming down hills on sledges with the kids.

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With very little free time this week to dedicate to photography, I snuck out in the early hours of yesterday morning and took this atmospheric shot as the Beast from the East thawed.

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Snow day selfie

As with many schools across the land, Helen’s was closed on Friday thanks to the snowfall. Naturally there was only one thing to do: get outside and play in it.

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Helen and I enjoying the snow together on Friday.

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Playing in the November snow

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Toddler Adams playing in the November snow

We had some freak snow yesterday morning. It lay on the ground for about an hour and the children made the most of it.

Pictured here is Toddler Adams, just before I helped her put some gloves on, who had great fun with her sister playing while the snow lasted. It wasn’t too much longer after this shot was taken that she came inside complaining of being cold. She warmed up very quickly after having a bath.

The picture was taken on a Nikon Coolpix L820, which is a basic bridge camera. This isn’t a camera I’d normally use, but my trusty Samsung has gone into retirement and I’m waiting for my replacement Canon DSLR to be delivered (sense the excitement in the tail end of that sentence!).

The pic was taken in smart mode in colour but I flipped it to black and white. Focal length was 4mm, ISO 180, exposure time 1/30 of a second and aperture f3. I have linked this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky. Click on the link below to see more images taken by other bloggers. I hope to link up next week with an image taken on my sparkly new Canon!


Playing in snow…again

My Sunday Photo snow 2 2

Earlier this week we had some proper snow. It melted over the course of the day but it stayed on the ground just long enough for me to take Toddler Adams out with the sledge.

We had quite a bit of fun sledging down a nearby hill. Unfortunately, however, we almost smashed the bottom out of the sledge. It’s so badly damaged from carrying the two of us at the same time that we’ll have to invest in a new one. View Post