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Full Moon, science museum

Full moon. . . or Is it?

One of the greatest challenges as a photographer is, I think, getting a decent image of the moon. Here is my latest effort, a carefully timed and edited image of a full moon.

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The problem with exams

Regular readers of Dadbloguk will know I have been on something of an ‘educational adventure’ over the past year. I have just passed maths GCSE having taken exams (or sat assessments) three times since the first lockdown was introduced in March 2020. The experience has been fascinating and made me realise that British schools place

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Days out and travel

It’s a rock pool Jim, but not as we know it

Now here’s an image with an interesting perspective. You would be forgiven for thinking this was a stage set from the original 1960s Star Trek series but it is, in fact, a rock pool photographed when I took my daughters for a short break in Wales last week.

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GCSE maths: Fourth time lucky

Relief. That’s what I feel right now: Okay, also quite excited. Why so? Well, as with many households across the land I have today received my GCSE results.

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The different phases of being a stepchild

As I get older, I can pick out four distinct phases of what it’s like being a stepchild. In some respects, this is hardly surprising. Relationships naturally change as people move into different phases of life and I can distinctly pick out phases with my blood relatives too.

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