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Michael Ray
Book reviews

Who Knew? by Michael Ray, exploring fatherhood and gender equality

If 2021 is going to be remembered for anything, it’s going to be The Year of the Dad Book. Who Knew? by Australian gender equality campaigner Michael Ray tells his story as a single dad to his daughter Charlie, while commenting on gender equality and the challenges he has faced over the years.

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National Numeracy Day
Family Life & parenting

National Numeracy Day: My story with numbers

Over the past year, many mums and dads have been heavily involved with their children’s schoolwork, overseeing their remote work because of the pandemic. I suspect many parents got a bit of a wake-up call when their kids asked for help with their maths! As it’s National Numeracy Day, I thought I’d say a bit

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Simon Kettlewell author of Eternity leave
Family Life & parenting

Q&A with Simon Kettlewell, author of Eternity Leave

Simon Kettlewell is a man who pulled-off a rare feat: He persuaded a publisher to print a book about fatherhood. Okay, that’s slightly dismissive. Many a publisher has printed books for dads but more often than not, they only deal with the early years and they’re always non-fiction. Simon’s book, called Eternity Leave, is mould

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