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tell your kids they’re amazing and do it today

Has there ever been a better time to tell your kids they are amazing and have your support? With the world taking its first tentative steps out of the latest COVID-19 lockdown and adjusting to the new normal, our children need to hear positive affirmations and to hear how strong and wonderful they are. Why

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Dadbloguk Q&A

Gender and fatherhood: Q&A with campaigner Gary Barker

Few people are as active in promoting involved fatherhood and positive masculinity as Gary Barker. He’s not only a leading author of the bi-annual State of the World’s Fathers report, but he’s a co-founder of both gender equality charity Promundo and MenCare, a campaigning charity focused on promoting men as fathers and caregivers.

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home learning tech: Disparate and disorganised

A couple of weeks ago, a cheeky scamp posted a funny meme on a WhatsApp group I’m a member of. It was a joke about the diverse array of apps us parents are supposed to be using to oversee and monitor our kids’ remote, home learning. The photo was of a confused Mark Wahlberg looking…very

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