Behind the wheel of the Dad Taxi

There are numerous signs that my children are getting older. Five-year-old Izzy no longer watches Paw Patrol and, nearing the end of her first year at school, has learned to read and write. Helen, who is nine,  is spending more time with friends, has decided that I can be “embarrassing” and has developed an interest in make-up.

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I have had a brief glimpse of my future. I will be driving the Dad Taxi lot, lot more in future.

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A taxi driver, a builder and a stay at home dad walk into a bar. . .

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Luckily, Travis Bickle wasn’t really my taxi driver. Pic credit; Columbia Pictures.

Interest in my existence as a stay at home dad sometimes comes from the most unexpected places. Just yesterday it came from a taxi driver. In fact “interest” is a huge understatement, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite so enthusiastic about the idea.

This guy was driving Toddler Adams and I on a brief excursion. He was quite chatty and we were talking about the usual taxi driver stuff; cars, mechanics and the like. View Post