Improved home security with Philips Hue lighting

A short while ago we experienced an attempted break-in. Luckily it was foiled by our secure back doors, but I think part of the reason our house looked so tempting was because we had no working security lights. With winter getting ever closer, and the nights getting longer, I have looked at the Philips Hue lighting system to see how it could help make our home more secure.

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The Philips Hue lighting system. Could it help improve your home security?

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Review: Intempo colour changing wireless speaker

Before I get into the detail of this review, let me make quite clear the Intempo colour changing capsule speaker is a fun product. When I saw it I immeditaly thought it might appeal to my kids and it did not disappoint.

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The Intempo Colour Changing Capsule Speaker. Does exactly what is says on the box.

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Goodbye wires, hello Bluetooth: Panasonic SC-ALL7CD EBK stereo reviewed

I have a shock confession to make. I have never been a fan of the vinyl, long-play record.

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The Panasonic SC-All7CDEBK stereo system. Sounds good, looks good and reduced the clutter in our house!

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An introduction to Google Home

The other day I found myself in East London. It was a part of the city full of old warehouses that have been converted intro trendy flats.

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Behind this door, I received an introduction to the Google Home.

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Playing Minecraft on the Xbox One S

Picture the scene: it’s dark and you’re in a strange land. Every few steps you fall into a stream which can be difficult to get out of. You then hear a strange noise and realise a creeper, a zombie like creature, is coming towards you.

Minecraft, Xbox, Xbox One S

Dad and daughter share a Minecraft moment on the Xbox One S.

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