A Dad’s Guide to Periods #Pads4Dads

You might think that, being a man, I have never used a sanitary pad. Well, you’d be wrong. It happened once and the circumstances were a little unfortunate to say the least.

The Dad’s Guide to Periods that’s been produced by Hey Girls.
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Thinking of the teenage years: The dilemmas posed by moving house

We’ve entered a new phase in our quest to buy a new family home. Having accepted an offer from a buyer, moving house has become a step closer to reality. We now have to find somewhere to buy and this is where we’re facing a harsh reality.

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Our desire to move house has come a step closer. With it, however, comes a number of questions about where to move so that our kids will be happy in their teenage years.

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I’m not too sure about the school prom

A few days ago I had to stay overnight in a hotel. It’s that time of year when kids are leaving their secondary schools and this hotel was hosting a school prom.

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I’m not entirely sold on the idea of the school prom, but Mrs Adams has put forward a very compelling argument in its defence.

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Having the #TeenTalk, with help from Gabby Logan

In theory, it’s going to be a good few years until my daughters hit their teenaged years and puberty. In reality I know it’s going to come around very quickly and Mrs Adams and I, like other mums and dads, will be very grateful of all the help we can get.

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Helen and I with TV presenter and former gymnast Gabby Logan discussing teenagers, puberty and how to talk about such issues with your children.

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Encouraging youngsters to use cyber skills positively

A very good friend of mine has a teenaged son who happens to be an incredibly skilled hacker. The audacity of what he has pulled off in the past is truly staggering.  Do you really know what your children are capable of?

In this guest post, Richard Jones of the National Crime Agency’s Cyber Crime Unit talks about the #Cyberchoices campaign. This is a campaign designed to influence parents and teens. The aim is to persuade youngsters to use their tech skills positively.  

Cyberchoices, computer science

Help your child make the correct choices and avoid getting into trouble online.

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