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A photograph that says “childhood”

I think this photograph encapsulates everything that childhood is meant to be; two kids exploring the natural environment on a gorgeous, early summer day. Ironically, however, this is not the picture I intended to take. It was supposed to be a landscape shot of the grass meadow framed by the two trees on either side.

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A woodland adventure

Yesterday I took my two daughters on an impromptu woodland adventure. Pictured below is Izzy, my youngest child, making the most of a tree stump we came across.

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Bed wetting in older children

Bed wetting is not a subject us parents take great joy in dealing with. Even so, it is simply a part of life with young children. We have been fortunate with our two daughters. Bed wetting, or nocturnal enuresis to give its medical name, has never been a huge issue. That said, we have certainly

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The perceived emasculation of stay at home dads

I feel compelled to address an issue that affects us stay at home fathers; our perceived emasculation. It’s something I’m occasionally asked about and having read a dreadful comment elsewhere on the subject, I feel the time is right to respond. The comment was in this article on the Guardian website. It was written by

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