Christmas gift ideas 2018

May I ask how your Christmas preparations are going? I am just turning my mind to it now. I’ve written a list of gifts to buy and have started writing cards. I’m also going to be arranging for us to participate in a ‘reverse advent’ so we donate something to a nearby charity each day on the run up to December 25.

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We’re not quite in ‘last minute’ territory, but there isn’t long until Christmas so here are some gift ideas. Pic credit: Kari Shea on Unsplash.

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Help! Our soft toys are breeding at an uncontrollable rate.

We have a growing problem in our house. I want to know if it’s one you are familiar with. It’s an issue with my daughters’ soft toys which are breeding at an uncontrollable rate.

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Here I am, swamped by soft toys just months after clearing loads of them out of the house. They seem to be breeding.

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A fan of the fidget spinner

I have a confession to make. I am a fan of the fidget spinner. When my kids aren’t around, I often find myself searching the house in an attempt to get my hands on one so I can have a go myself.

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Yes guys, that is a fidget spinner on my forehead. Aren’t I clever?

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My scooter brings out the #BigKid in me

Tearing along the path on my two-wheeled scooter, I would hit the occasional bump. On doing so, the scooter and I would leap into the air. Each time I landed, I would look back to my daughter Izzy, who was a short distance behind, throw my fist into the air and shout “Oh yeah!”

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Here I am, with my scooter. It brings out the ‘#BigKid in me!

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Building LEGO models with a four year old

After relentless badgering from the kids, I finally gave in. It was a bit late in the evening, but, yes, they could start building the LEGO kits we had just taken delivery of.

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Izzy shows off the Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine that she made.

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