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As stay at home dad and father of two girls, I find myself living in a strangely complicated world. I always shout loudly when I come across sexist attitudes towards me as a man fulfilling a caregiving role. Nonetheless, I am very careful about the role models my daughters follow.

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Our new kitchen; installing the flooring

As you may be aware, we’ve just had a new kitchen installed in our house. We’ve done away with a horrible galley kitchen and installed an open-plan kitchen diner, which is much more suitable for modern, family life.

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Celeb car / family car. What would you drive?

Mrs Adams and I have been talking a lot about getting a new car. The lease deal on out little hatchback will soon run out and it is far too small for our needs. I’m sure most parents can relate to this. Once upon a time it had to accommodate two small car seats and

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Shared bedroom; success or failure?

As I revealed a few weeks ago, we decided to put our girls in the same bedroom. To facilitate this, we bought a set of bunk beds. We weren’t sure what to expect. Helen, our eldest child was incredibly photosensitive in her younger days. Her sister, meanwhile, was a little sensitive to noise.

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Passing toys down the generations

With Christmas a month away, there’s been a lot of discussion in our house about toys. Toys my eldest child has grown out of are now being passed on to her little sister, especially bigger items like bikes and trikes. It makes me a little nostalgic to be honest. I’ve been looking at various retailers,

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