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How do you clear out your children’s old toys?

  I have a question: how do you go about clearing your children’s old toys out of the family home? Do you sit down and go through the collection one by one, collectively deciding what should be passed on to someone else, or do you do it on the sly and remove items when your

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Review; Goldieblox construction toy

Goldieblox is a construction toy designed to appeal to girls. It’s new to the UK market but has been available in the US for a while. The concept was the idea of Debbie Sterling, an engineer turned toy mogul. Debbie is on a mission to nurture an interest in engineering among girls (apparently only 14%

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Tidying up the house and throwing out old toys

With the long summer break on the horizon, I am desperately trying to knock this house into shape before two children are running wild in it all day long. I know most families face the same issue; little piles of junk discretely piling up all over the house that are never sorted out. I’m presently

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Micro Scooters review; Dads do Scoot

I was first introduced to the Micro Scooter in New York City by a friend of my sister’s. This guy commuted across Manhattan on an adult version and wherever he was going, would always turn up with a collapsed scooter under his arm. Several years later, I become a father of two children, the eldest

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Review; Bizzy Bitz construction toy

Helen, my eldest daughter, has recently become very keen on arts and crafts and construction toys. I guessed the My First Bizzy Bitz set was going to be a hit when she undid the parcel and quietly disappeared off to her bedroom for half an hour! She re-appeared with a spaceship she’d made. Although originally

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