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Infographic: Toy fashions over the centuries

Have you ever wondered when the first teddy bears were made or when toy trains became popular? If so, then take a look at this infographic which shines a light on the development of toys and trends over the past 200 years. I’m sure you’ll agree some of the facts it highlights are fascinating, not

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Wooden toys for Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon, I have been given the opportunity to try out some toys from Kiddicare. Well, I say I’ve been given the chance to try them out, in reality my kids did the hard work (apart from the building blocks which I’ve become very attached to). The nice thing about the selection

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Review: Cobra mini remote control helicopter

I have some history with remote control helicopters. My wife bought me one as a joke a few years back. I flew it a few times but it’s one of those items that, slowly but surely, has become the property of my eldest daughter who loved to use it. After repeated crash landings, my old

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Toys are for boys AND girls

Over the past couple of months I’ve become troubled. You see our eldest daughter, Helen, has started declaring certain toys and objects to be “for boys” or “for girls” and this causes my wife and I some pain. As committed as I am to gender equality, I am a realist. Certain toys and activities will

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