Where are the positive fatherhood role models from UK PLC?

I want you to think of the world of business and commerce. I’m not talking small and medium sized businesses, I mean big companies from UK PLC, those in the FTSE 100. I’m now going to set you a challenge. Can you name one male figure from the world of big business who has taken a period of shared parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child? You can’t? Me neither.

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How many men employed at board level in the UK’s biggest companies have set an example for employees by taking shared parental leave? I went on a quest to find out.
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Falling in love with Pinterest again

This isn’t so much a blog post as a public service announcement. Dearest reader, I’d Like to point you in the direction of the Dadbloguk Pinterest site, which has just been given a revamp.

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Having neglected Pinterest  for far too long, I’ve given the blog’s page a bit of a revamp.

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Creating unicorns with STAEDTLER

I don’t quite understand where the current trend for unicorns comes from, but they are everywhere. Unicorns are on my daughters’ clothes and headbands, school bags and just about everywhere else. Of course you can have a shop-bought unicorn (….kind of) or you can show your creative side and make your own. With a little help from STAEDTLER, this is what Helen and Izzy have had a go at doing.

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There’s nothing like a homemade unicorn. Helen gets to grips with a unicorn-themed FIMO form and play kit from STAEDTLER.

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Alternative parenting milestones

There I was, tidying up, ironing clothes and cleaning our house. As I did so, my mind wandered to all those parenting milestones us parents go through: Pregnancy, birth, baptism, first day at nursery, first day at school and so on.

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We all know and talk about the usual parenting milestones, but there are many others.

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Our #ScreeningSunday with My Cloud Home

I want you to think for a second about how you look at photographs. I’ll bet when you were a child, you looked at photograph albums but these days you look at images you have saved on devices such as your phone, tablet, home computer and so on.

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Helen and Izzy and I enjoy our #ScreeningSunday session.


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