Water conservation: A further way to save money and the environment

When we moved to our new house, I had a concern about my family’s ability to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In many respects it would be easier as we were moving from a property that was almost 100 years old to a very modern house with a very high energy rating. When it came to water conservation, however, I was concerned things might no be quite so easy.

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Using water sensibly and sparingly doesn’t just save the environment, it saves your family money.
Pic credit: Pan Xiaozhen on Unsplash.

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Slashing my family’s outgoings in just 90 minutes

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To destroy bank note, apply flame. In just 90 minutes yesterday I reduced this family’s outgoings by £1,440 a year. Pic credit below.

Money is a dirty word. Like many families is sometimes very tight. My wife and I have just had an exceedingly expensive few months.

Believe it or not, Christmas was probably the cheapest challenge we’ve faced. We had to pay for major work on the car, there have been two family weddings with associated stag events and gifts to buy plus our central heating system broke down in November and we’re having to buy a new one. View Post

Waste packaging at Christmas; what do you do with it?

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A typical scene in most households at this time of year; an excessive pile of waste. Pic credit below.

I don’t mean to gripe and put a downer on the Christmas spirit that you’re all hopefully still feeling….but where has all that packaging come from? I love Christmas and I especially love the joy it brings my children yet I also find myself feeling very guilty.

There are two reasons for this guilt. Firstly, the majority of us spend days visiting family and friends and gorging on food and drink that many in the world can only dream of. View Post