Neos Smartcam review: A cost-effective way to improve home security?

Some months ago, we recruited a cat sitter to look after the family pet when we went to visit family in Scotland. I told her not to be alarmed, but that we had a smartcam in the house. She remarked that every house she went to these days was equipped with them and she was often told not to worry about them. She wasn’t be spied on, they were there simply there to deter and catch any burglars!

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The Neos Smartcam: A cost-effective way of improving the security of your family home.
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A rainbow rose to mark Valentine’s Day

I confess I don’t generally make a big thing of Valentine’s Day. There was, however, no escape when I went shopping with my daughters Helen and Izzy a couple of days ago. They saw this rainbow rose in among the Valentine’s bouquets and they insisted I buy it.

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I don’t tend to ‘go large’ on Valentine’s Day, but I felt this picture of a rainbow rose was worth sharing to mark the occasion.
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Highlights from The Toy Fair 2019

What toys are going to be popular in 2019? Will there be any new board games to hit the market and will you struggle to find age-appropriate birthday presents to give to nieces, nephews and so on?  I spent a morning at The Toy Fair at London Olympia to try and get some answers to these questions.

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Here I am, trying out the electric Falcon scooter from Microscooters.
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Be inspired: Get outside with your loved ones

I have been asked a profound question. What inspiring message would I give people to encourage them to spend time with those they love? I don’t mind admitting that I was totally stumped by the question at first and then inspiration came to me: Get outside.

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Here I am, delivering my message on camera to celebrate a year of Together TV.
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An accidental photography tutorial using light painting techniques

Here’s a photographic tutorial about light painting. This is a technique that involves using a long-exposure time to photograph a moving light source. Before I go on, it wasn’t my intention to create an image like this. It came about by accident and I wasn’t even sure about keeping this shot until my eldest daughter told me she thought it looked “cool”.

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A photograph I took using light painting techniques…although I was meant to be taking a completely different image!
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