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Living life on the Daddy Track

There was a very interesting feature in Saturday’s Telegraph about a relatively new concept called the Daddy Track. It hails from the United States and in very basic terms, the Daddy Track is the career path taken by men who leave the workforce to care for their children. You probably won’t be surprised to hear

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Achieving work life balance; dads feel the pressure too

Over recent weeks I’ve read a few articles about the pressures of being a working mother. Regrettably I’ve seen very little balance in what I’ve read. I’ve found myself wanting to scream “dads feel exactly the same pressures too ya know.” Yesterday I read this post from Katherine Zaleski who is president of a company

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Discussing family friendly, flexible working with Nick Clegg

The other day I received a slightly cryptic email. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg would be giving a briefing at the headquarters of professional services giant Deloitte. He would also be speaking to parents working for Deloitte and the event would be used as an opportunity to call on businesses to implement family friendly, flexible

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Sacrifices of the full-time working mother

I have a confession to make. I sometimes need reminding that my wife is also doing something quite radical by working full-time while I look after the kids and household. Okay, so the world is populated with many full-time working women. In our society, however, my wife does stand out because she has voluntary left

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Introducing the Dadpreneur Movement

Something that’s always baffled me is talk of women trying to “have it all.” I recognise there’s plenty of evidence suggesting women continue to take responsibility for the majority of the housework and childcare in most relationships. Despite this I’ve never felt there’s enough recognition of those men who are involved fathers are also struggle

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