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The evolution will not be televised

As a former journalist, I feel pain when people say you shouldn’t believe what’s in the news. Sometimes, however, I have to concede that news reporters get things a bit wrong. One example was a series of recent news reports about a decline in the number of stay at home dads.

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Bye bye kids, hello employment

How should the stay at home dad prepare for the world of work after years of looking after youngsters? Does he face different challenges that a mum might not?  In this guest post from Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training, tackles the issue of transitioning to work after being a stay at home dad.  

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Where is the flexible childcare?

Just as my youngest daughter is leaving pre-school, I have realised something, something I should have noticed years ago. Namely, flexible childcare is very hard to arrange within the UK.

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The Parent Pact: Who is the provider in your relationship?

I recently had to describe how my family works to someone I’d never met before. Although I’m quite used to do doing this, explaining that I, a man, get the kids ready in the morning, take care of the grocery shopping, laundry etc. took a little time.

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