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Dads in the workplace: Q&A with Dr Sarah Forbes & Dr Holly Birkett

Birmingham: The city that gave us Cat Deeley, Cadbury’s chocolate and, erm, heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath. Thanks to the University of Birmingham’s Equal Parenting Project, this fine Midlands city has also given us the Fathers in the Workplace Toolkit, a free resrource that employers can use to make their organisation more dad-friendly.

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Flexi working & Shared Parental Leave

The importance of having mum friends: reflections on Flexpo 2019

Mum friends. It’s a phrase I hear often. Mums will often talk about how they appreciate the support of their mum friends and how they couldn’t get by without them. The subject of mum friends came up last week when I took part in a panel discussion at the Flexpo flexible working event at Sandown

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Flexi working & Shared Parental Leave

the reality of flexible employment for dads

Many years ago, I left the world of full-time work. I initially took a job working part-time but eventually I gave that up also. The reason I left the workforce was because I simply didn’t feel I had the flexible employment that allowed me to balance work and family life. A report published today shows

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Family Life & parenting

International Men’s Day 2018: A positive experience?

I can’t pretend otherwise, it took me a long time to come around to the idea of both International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day. I found them to be slightly vague concepts and at times the debates they have created have been off-putting.

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