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Bye bye kids, hello employment

How should the stay at home dad prepare for the world of work after years of looking after youngsters? Does he face different challenges that a mum might not?  In this guest post from Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training, tackles the issue of transitioning to work after being a stay at home dad.  

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Where is the flexible childcare?

Just as my youngest daughter is leaving pre-school, I have realised something, something I should have noticed years ago. Namely, flexible childcare is very hard to arrange within the UK.

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The Parent Pact: Who is the provider in your relationship?

I recently had to describe how my family works to someone I’d never met before. Although I’m quite used to do doing this, explaining that I, a man, get the kids ready in the morning, take care of the grocery shopping, laundry etc. took a little time.

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The Fatherhood Penalty

For a very long time, there’s been discussion and debate about keeping skilled women in the workforce after they become parents. Some new research, however, has shone the light on us fathers and the so-called Fatherhood Penalty. In a nut shell, the research suggests the UK workforce may experience an even bigger skills gap as

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