Changing career direction because of Fatherhood

Dad has a job and is the main earner for the family. Dad’s industry becomes ever more competitive and he has to make a greater effort to earn the same amount of money, while also balancing this with fatherhood. After a while, it becomes a bit much. What does he do?

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Stuart Hood, an award winning journalist who is moving sideways to become an online content creator.

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An exciting arrival: The Sunggler sofa from Harveys Furniture

Many things can cause young children and family members to become excited. A wedding, the arrival of a newborn baby, a birthday celebration, success in exams or something of that ilk. To my great surprise, you can add the arrival of a new sofa to that list.

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As you can see, I have made good friends with our new Snuggler sofa.

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How not to use social media

I think we all know social media can be a blessing and a curse. I’ve always taken a dim view of parents oversharing details of their kids’ achievements. This week, however, I’ve been made aware of a father doing the exact opposite and highlighting his child’s bad behaviour. It’s just one example of oversharing I’ve been made aware of recently that’s left me feeling very uncomfortable.

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A charming Brazilian chap drew this caricature of me watching an unbelievable YouTube video of a dad publicly shaming his son on my iPad.

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The cool cat in the Joby hat

It’s not often I find myself receiving praise from hipsters. A few weeks ago, however, I was at an event hosted by camera accessory specialist Joby where I’d seen a few product demonstrations, including the GripTight POV Kit, a handle that can be used when shooting video or pictures with your mobile phone.

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The Joby GripTight POV Kit in action. Note the hat.

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Hints and tips for making the school summer holidays run smoothly

For some time now, I have been making preparations for the school summer holidays. This break is particularly significant as our youngest daughter, Izzy, will be starting school in September.

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The six week school summer holidays: it’s about having fun, getting a good sun tan and living in a messy house.

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