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Tips for approaching DIY home improvement

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There’s nothing quite like a successfully completed DIY project

Every home improvement project is different. It could be something as simple as touching up cracks on mouldings, or something as complex as rebuilding the whole kitchen. And of course, there are many projects that fall somewhere in between these examples. But for most any home improvement project that you’re attempting to take on yourself, there are basic preparation steps that will apply. So just as a reminder for any readers who may be considering embracing their DIY spirits, here are a few of those steps.
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Our new kitchen, week two; every cloud has a silver lining

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Covered in paint, tired, drained and longing for my bed. That pretty much describes me over the past week as I have pushed myself to do as much painting and decorating as possible.

Last week was always going to be challenging. Not only was it half term, but my wife was going to spend a few days in Scotland visiting her father who is recovering from an illness. This meant I would be flying solo with the kids while building work on our new kitchen was ongoing.

The one saving grace was that we didn’t have to live in among the mess. Some friends of ours were going on holiday and very kindly said we could make use of their house while they enjoyed an African safari adventure (this experience in itself deserves a blog post; Living in the home of a child-free couple and all their breakable glassware. Gimme a week or so and I’ll get that post written!). View Post

Painting sheep during the half term break

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Helen, next to her masterpiece; a painting of a sheep.

With our kitchen re-build continuing, I haven’t had time to get creative with my camera this week. Even so, I thought this image of Helen, our eldest daughter, was worth sharing.

It’s a painting of a sheep that she’s created on a newly-plastered wall. As you can see from her face, she was very proud of her efforts! View Post

Our new kitchen; major progress after a week (plus a few problems)

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One week in, and the rolled steel joint is in place and we have our open plan space. There’s much more to do, but the builders are making good progress.

Heavy building work has been underway in our kitchen for the past week. I’m pleased to say the new, open-plan space is taking shape. There has been real progress in creating our new, modern, family-friendly kitchen. This, despite a couple of significant problems along the way, although I’ll go into more detail about them in a moment.

Before I go on, I have created a short video showing what’s happened over the past week. Click on the image below to watch it (and please do also subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch the other videos I’ve made about this building project). View Post

Our new, family-friendly kitchen; the builders move in

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This is what I looked like after two days spent ripping out our old kitchen and preparing the house for the builders, who are now at work. The skip became my second home!

The preliminary work is done and we have crossed the point of no return; the kitchen has been removed from our family home. The builders have now moved it to take care of the heavy, technical work beyond my capabilities. My kids, wife and I are all very excited by this. We are all keen for the work to be completed (see this earlier blog post for a more detailed explanation as to what we’re having done).

Having spent the past week steadily removing the kitchen, I have made a few interesting observations. One observation, however, trumps all the others. View Post