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Blog posts related to family health and fitness. Find out how my family and I keep fit and stay healthy. Also, a series of articles focused on men and fathers’ mental health.

Speaking the naked truth about thrush with Canesten

Let me get right in there and ask you a blunt question: How much do you know about the intimate health conditions? In particular, I’m thinking about thrush and how it affects men.

canesten, thrush and men, intimate health conditions. thrush treatments for men, #thenakedtruth, The Naked truth
How much do you know about thrush and how it can affect men? Canesten has launched a campaign called #TheNakedTruth to raise awareness of this intimate health condition. These LEGO men are keen to find out more.
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Be inspired: Get outside with your loved ones

I have been asked a profound question. What inspiring message would I give people to encourage them to spend time with those they love? I don’t mind admitting that I was totally stumped by the question at first and then inspiration came to me: Get outside.

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Here I am, delivering my message on camera to celebrate a year of Together TV.
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Can a recumbent exercise bike provide a good workout?

I never thought I’d use a recumbent bike. I’ll be quite frank, they’ve always looked a bit too relaxing to provide a full workout. Over the past couple of months, however, I’ve been using a Domyos E-Seat recumbent exercise bike and it’s become my main form of aerobic exercise. There’s a bit of a story as to why, so indulge me for a moment.

recumbent bike, recumbent exercise bike, Domyos E-Seat exercise bike, Decathlon, dadbloguk,, dad blog uk, uk dad blog, uk dad blogger
Here I am, using the Domyos E-Seat recumbent bike. With my running days over, has this proven to be a good alternative?
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#ChooseSleep challenge: 30 Days to sleep better and for longer

better sleep, #choosesleep, insomnia, sleep and health, dadbloguk, uk dad blogger, health and fitness. school run dad
Did I sleep better after 30 days doing the Bed Guru #ChooseSleep challenge?
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Cream of tomato soup recipe with Beko #EatLikeAPro

There’s been a lot of confusion this year over whether it is autumn or winter. Having had several frosty mornings, I’m going to call it. Winter is here and that means many things, including the need to eat more soup.

Cream of tomato soup, soup recipe, cream of tomato soup recipe, Beko, #EatLikeAPro, dadbloguk,, dad blog uk, school run dad, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle

My homemade cream of tomato soup, created using a Beko soup maker.

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