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Mental Health and Wellbeing festival: Q&A with Beyond’s Louisa Rose

There’s a strong argument to say youth mental health services were struggling prior to the COVID pandemic. The past couple of years has seen demand for mental health services rocket upwards. How are schools and parents supposed to cope with this? Youth mental health charity Beyond has recognised this need and will shortly be holding

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My COVID-19 Drama

I looked at the lateral flow test. In certain lights, I could just about make out a faint line next to the T. If I turned it ever so slightly, however, the line disappeared. This was just a trick of the light, I didn’t have COVID. Nah, surely not.

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Dr Parvinder Shergill of Daddy Blues
Dadbloguk Q&A

Talking Daddy Blues with Parvinder Shergill

A little while ago I recorded a podcast with well-known mental health campaigner Mark Williams. In the final few minutes, we got on to talking a film that was being of his mental health journey called Daddy Blues. Typical of Mark’s style, he just casually mentioned there was a deal in place to distribute the

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The Rez podcast, a fun way to help youngsters with their mental health #AD

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s the perfect time to let you know about The Rez. This is a podcast and comic series for youngsters that aims to teach them about kindness, resilience and good mental health. The unfortunate reality is many youngsters are struggling with their mental health because of all the

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Impact of lockdown on men & actions to mitigate them

After a year of extreme disruption to all our lives and as we take the first tentative steps out of lockdown, how should men and fathers prepare for engaging with the world again? Going back to the pub, playing five a side football or returning to the workplace will be a big shock for some

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